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A vital part of our work at Ecoflix is collaborating with our enormous network of powerful NGOs all over the world.

We work with NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to champion and activate our joint non-profit missions. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are usually independent from governments and often deal with humanitarian or social issues.

When an Ecoflix member nominates an affiliate NGO, we donate 100% of their membership to the memberā€™s chosen NGO. We also showcase inspiring and motivational NGO films. In addition, we co-produce films with them. Together, we raise awareness and create real change for our joint causes.

To help our NGO partners, simply join Ecoflix as a monthly or annual member. We will email you a welcome email that includes a link for you to nominate an NGO of your choice.

Explore all our NGO partners by clicking on their logos below to find out more about what the important work that they do.

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Ecoflix is constantly on-boarding more impactful NGOs. If you run an NGO and are interested in an Ecoflix NGO Partnership, reach out to find out how we can work with you specifically. We will share 100% of our membership revenue with you whenever your organization is selected by a donating member.