Mercy For Animals

About our NGO partner

Mercy For Animals is an international nonprofit organization working to end industrial animal agriculture by creating a just and sustainable food system.

We believe that a world without industrial animal agriculture is possible—if we work together to create it. Imagine a world in which we nourish ourselves with food that is kind to animals and sustainable for the planet and all who share it. We envision a world in which eating is an act of compassion, in which no one is exploited or forced to exploit another, a world where all animals, including humans, are respected, protected, and free.

“More and more we see that industrial animal agriculture sits at the intersection of many oppressions: animal abuse; environmental racism; and exploitation of vulnerable workers, forced to labor in unsafe conditions in slaughterhouses and factory farms. This moment is ripe with potential for change. Racial justice and climate change are central public issues. People are seeking hope, purpose, and an outlet to make a difference. Mercy For Animals is proud to partner with Ecoflix to promote a better future for animals, people, and our planet.”

Leah Garcés, CEO and President, Mercy For Animals