Kalahari Research And Conservation Trust

About our NGO partner

The Kalahari is a unique and fragile ecosystem supporting a rich diversity of plants and animals. Kalahari Research and Conservation are working to understand and conserve this distinctive landscape in the face of increasing challenges.

What we do at Kalahari Research and Conservation

Botswana at our Core

Kalahari Research and Conservation (KRC) has built up a wealth of experience in successfully conducting significant and long lasting research on wildlife in Botswana and then playing a leading role in wildlife conservation efforts.

Based in Hukuntsi the KRC team is a multinational blend of scientists, students and conservationists with a Botswana core.

​In that time we have worked effectively with the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), local communities and other stakeholders. The majority of our efforts are aimed at the arid Kalahari environment in Botswana, in both the formally government park protected areas and the adjacent Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). There have been a number of separate wildlife projects we have undertaken working with wildlife in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR), Makgadikgadi and Linyanti regions learning more about wild dogs, lions and wildebeest. Our more recent work is in the SW region of Botswana in the Kalahari Transfrontier Park (KTP), with a strong focus on the wildlife in the WMAs to the north.  At present with have students on projects working with wild dogs and springbok and we work hand in hand with the DWNP on conservation issues concerning lions and other wildlife in the arid SW region.

Our overall goal here is to address issues that involve “landscape conservation” and threats to this and to work towards the preservation of this remarkable region of Botswana.

Find out more at: krcbots.org