Chimp Haven

About our NGO partner

Outside Shreveport, Louisiana, on 200 acres of beautiful, forested sanctuary, more than 300 chimpanzees, many of whom were used in biomedical research, are living the good life — or, as Chimp Haven likes to call it, the Chimp Life.

At Chimp Haven, chimps retired from research experience the joys they would have enjoyed in the wild: climbing trees, living in large, bonded social groups, eating their favorite fruits, running, playing, exploring, and — best of all — choosing how they spend their days.

Chimp Haven believes we’re not that different, humans and chimpanzees. As our closest living relatives, chimps share more than 98 percent of our genetic blueprint, and upon visiting the sanctuary it doesn’t take long to see that they have all the personalities, emotions, relationships, dramas and joys that we do.

Chimp Haven believes they all deserve a chance to live the Chimp Life. That’s why they’re dedicated to providing them with an idyllic retirement and expert care at the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary.

On behalf of the more than 300 chimps currently enjoying retirement at Chimp Haven, thank you for your support!

The Story of Chimp Haven

More than 18 years ago, Chimp Haven welcomed its first chimpanzees – Rita and Theresa – to their new sanctuary home. Rita and Theresa spent their lives in biomedical research before coming to Chimp Haven. Here, on 200 beautiful forested acres, they would have the chance to live like chimps, with the freedom to choose how to spend their time.

Within days, the chimps were climbing trees, and within weeks they were foraging and building nests. Hundreds of former research chimpanzees have since come to Chimp Haven. From fresh foods, daily enrichment activities, expert veterinary care, and new friends and spaces to explore, everything is designed with them in mind.

At Chimp Haven, we’re determined to give them the sanctuary life they deserve. Learn how you can help at

— Rana Smith, President & CEO, Chimp Haven