Trunks Up

About our NGO partner

Trunks Up is a dedicated branch of the Abraham Foundation lending help to preserve and protect the critically endangered Asian Elephant with particular focus on supporting the work of Lek Chailert, founder of Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation.

The Trunks Up NGO works to enable the thousands of captive Asian Elephants to live lives free from abuse and deprivation and enable the wild Asian Elephant population to thrive. The goal of Trunks Up is to form a worldwide “herd” of volunteers and supporters to work together to save Asian elephants from captivity, raising both awareness and critical funding.

Trunks Up Founder & CEO

“Saving the natural world and the magnificent species who graciously share it with us is of paramount importance for the future of humanity. This is the purpose and passion behind the work that we do in supporting grassroots organizations around the world who labor, often in obscurity, to protect animals big and small.”

Nancy Abraham, Founder & CEO, Trunks Up & Abraham Foundation