Birds of a feather flock together. Well sometimes. Our feathered friends face many challenges from Avian flu to disrupted migratory paths due to global warming. Watch to see what you can do to help.


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Black Cockatoo Crisis

Black Cockatoo Crisis looks at the plight of Western Australia’s unique black cockatoos and what we can do to stop these threatened species disappearing forever. Western Australia’s iconic black cockatoos are in crisis. Their numbers have fallen dramatically over he past few decades and all three species in the south-west of Western Australia could become extinct in just 20 years unless something is done to protect their habitats.


Black Cockatoo Crisis
The extinction clock is ticking on black cockatoos. Is there still time? Australia. Dir. Jane Hammond

An Earthy Ode To TeeYee Tweet
Development & urbanisation has taken its toll on the Yellow Wattled Lapwing. Asia. Dir. Lokesh MosaleThe 

Powerful Owl
A powerful, personal study of an Owl family. Australia. Dir. David Luff

Black Skimmers Under Our Wing
Follow how Black Skimmers navigate humans and storms to ensure survival. USA. Dir Lia Nydes

New Zealand: Land of the New World
Discover this New Zealand with its animals, most of which are only found here. Dir: Simon Hardenne

Pheasants of Detroit
Ring-necked pheasants are thriving in the open spaces of Detroit USA Dir:Diane Cheklich, Diane Weiss

The Great Pretender
Superb Lyrebird called ‘The Pretender’ struggles to win a mate in Australia. Dir: Nardine Groch

The Oder Delta – Wilderness without Borders
Celebrating biodiversitiy on the German Polish borders. Europe. Dir. Christoph and Almut Hauschild

The Raven’s Tale
Biodiversity in a land of fairy tales. Europe. Dir Michael Schlamberger



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