Perhaps the greatest threat to wildlife is us humans. Competition for space as cities and farms grow places increasing pressures on our natural world. There are however, some brilliant technological advances and highly motivated organizations offering positive long term solutions.


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Jane Goodall - Reasons For Good Hope

Drawing on decades of work by the world’s most famous living ethologist and environmentalist, Jane Goodall-Reasons for Hope, is an uplifting journey around the globe to highlight good news stories that will inspire people to make a difference in the world around them. 


Jane Goodall – Reasons For Good Hope
Global stories of HOPE from Jane Goodall. USA. Dir. David Lickley

Living with Snow Leopards Dolma and Chondon
Exploration of a peaceful co-existence with snow leopards. Asia. Dir. Gayle Podrabsky

Keeper of the Bay
A native Hawaiian woman’s determination to continue her family’s heritage. USA. Dir. Ashley LoFaso

Bread For Tomorrow
The indigenous Wicungo struggle to gain ownership of ancestral homes. Peru. Dir. Brett Kuxhausen

Gorillas of Gabon
An ambitious trek to save a silverback called Mussiru. Africa. Dir. Richard Slater-Jones

Wire and Water
How communities can work together to better their environment. Africa. Dir. Robert Kroger

8 Billions: We Are All Responsible
A message to humanity from the banks of the river Doce. S. America. Dir. Andrea Flores Urushima

Tears Of A Rhino
A new perspective on, and the socio-economic realities of, poaching. Africa. Dir. Sewela Mutileni

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
Communities revitalize polluted waters. USA. Dir. David Ruck

The Leopard’s Tribe
A marginalised couple claim their position as climate leaders. India. Dir. Miriam Chandy Menacherry

Valley Of The Bears
Hunter turn protector in Mongolia. Asia. Dir. Hamid Sardar

Ikouah: Into the Heart of Cameroon’s Rainforest
Ikouah follows Assamesa Laurent a bio-monitoring assistant in the Cameroon rainforest

A cry from the mountains
Meet the scientists, climbers, and villagers on the global warming frontline of K2 and the Himalayas

Almost Ancestors
Parallels of displacement experienced by Mexican gray wolves & indigenous peoples. USA. Dir. Brisind

An Earthly Ode to Teeyee
Development & urbanisation has taken its toll on the Yellow Wattled Lapwing Asia. Dir. Lokesh Mosale

An Elephant Away
The struggle for co-existence, elephants and farmers in Kenya. Africa. Dir Andreas Knausenberger.

The Backyard Bears
Human-Bear conflict with Black Bears in Lake Tahoe, CA/NV. USA. Dir. Riley McClaughry

A Renewable Future
Land stewards explore issues surrounding renewable energy projects on public land. Dir. Jack Fisher

Black Cockatoo Crisis
The extinction clock is ticking on black cockatoos. Is there still time? Australia. Dir. Jane Hammond

Black Skimmers Under Our Wing
Follow how Black Skimmers navigate humans and storms to ensure survival. USA. Dir Lia Nydes

Bread For Tomorrow
The indigenous Wicungo struggle to gain ownership of ancestral homes. Peru. Dir. Brett Kuxhausen

Great Lakes Areas of Concern
Communities revitalize polluted waters. USA. Dir. David Ruck

Conserving Mountains
Wildlife conservation efforts in the state of West Virginia. USA. Dir Kaitlyn Leach

Super tuskers and the remarkable humans preserving these iconic elephants. Africa. Dir. Ant Hoard

Forest Song
Local children venture into the Budongo forest for the very first time. Africa. Dir. Molly Hackett

Himalayas: Monitoring High Altitude Wildlife in Lahul & Spiti Valley
An insight into the conservation and management of the elusive species that live in the Himalayas.

Jaguar Del Cielo
Protecting the apex predator, the Jaguar in Mexico. Mexico. Dir. Austin Alvarado

California Mountain Lions
California Mountain Lions delves into behaviors of mountain lions.USA Dir. T. Winston Vickers

Living with Snow Leopards: Dolma and Chodon
Exploration of a peaceful co-existence with snow leopards. Asia. Dir. Gayle Podrabsky

Mongolia, Valley of the Bears
Fragile biodiversity explored in Mongolia. Asia. Dir. Hamid Sardar

Mussel Grubbing
Explore the treasure hunt for freshwater mussels in the upper Sangamon River. USA Dir.Jason Lindsey

My Alaskan Journey
Wildlife camerawoman Erin Ranney explores four unique areas of Alaska’s coast. USA Dir: Erin Ranney

Ocean Guardians
The delicate balance between humans and marine life. USA. Dir. Selket Kaufman

On Grizzly Ground
Yellowstone grizzlies as seen by tribes, tourists, scientists & activists. USA. Dir. Kris Millgate

One Day In Raja Ampat by Franck Fougere
An exploration of the Raja Ampat islands. Indonesia. Dir. Franck Fougere

Kings of the North – Searching for the last Ice Bears
A story about Ice Covered Grizzly bears in the Yukon USA Dir: Peter Zenkl

Can fire adapted ecosystems respond to wildfires? USA. Dir. Ian A Nelson

Pheasants of Detroit
Ring-necked pheasants are thriving in the open spaces of Detroit USA Dir:Diane Cheklich, Diane Weiss

Raid on the Atlantic
Senegalese fisherman fight industrial trawling. Africa. Dir. Nicola Van Ingen

RED APE: Saving the Orangutan
Frontline medics fight to save Borneo’s critically endangered Orangutans Dir: Rowan Musgrave

Red: A Sea Worth Protecting
Stunning imagery combine with compelling human stories in the Red Sea. Asia. Dir. Philip Hamilton

Rewildling the Riverbank
Can rivers be rewilded to protect rare species like the water vole? UK. Dir. Natasha Phillips

Saving Floridas Starving Manatees
Scientists work to save Floridas endangered Manatees from starving. USA Dir: Sean Hickey

SCARS – Politics in the Big Blue
A compelling personal story of a life dedicated to studying Risso’s dolphins Dir: Karin Hartman

Searching For Sea Turtles In Grenada
Tagging sea turtles to end the devastating hunting season. Grenada. Dir. Dan Mele

Survival of the Sun Bears
An orphaned sun bear cub is rescued from captivity and must learn how to survive in the wild.

Tears of a Rhino
A new perspective on, and the socio-economic realities of Rhino poaching. S.A. Dir. Sewela Mutileni

The Children of the Coral
This film highlights the actions of the young Coral Gardeners in Tahiti. Dir: Karim Mahdjouba

The Forest Guardian
Walk the forest with Ssezi whose dedication extends beyond conservation. Africa. Dir Anthony Onyango

The Heartbeat: The Salmon and People Project
Connections between salmon and people in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska Dir: Danny Schmidt

The Last Great Colony
The largest group of monk seals resist the harsh conditions to avoid extinction. Dir:César Armas

The Last Koalas
The incredible rescue, recovery, rehabilitation and release of endangered Koalas.Dir. Serena Findlay

The Leopard’s Tribe
A marginalised couple claim their position as climate leaders. India. Dir. Miriam Chandy Menacherry

The Lone Wolverine of the Wallowas
Is there a single lone wolverine in Oregon? USA. Dir. Alan Lacy

The Powerful Owl
A powerful, personal study of an Owl family. Australia. Dir. David Luff

The Return of the Aurochs
The Auroch, Europe’s native wild cattle, went extinct in 1627. Europe. Dir. Michael Schlamberger

Secrets Of The Kimberley
A photographer embarks on a journey into Australia’s least explored marine frontiers. Dir T Almeida

The Shark with a Thousand Names
A rare story of peaceful coexistence between humans and whale sharks. Indonesia. Dir H Schmitt

Saving Littlejohn
Researchers work to save the Littlejohn Tree Frog in Australia. Dir. Mhairi Fenton

The Whaler
Journalistic investigation into whale killing in Iceland. Dir. Philippe Blanc

Until The Last Drop
A film about rivers, people, relationships and interconnectedness. Europe & N.America. Dir Ewa Ewert

Vanishing Oasis
Explores the ongoing crisis surrounding the The Great Salt Lake. USA. Dir. Jaxon Derew

Violet-A Polar Bear Story
Two female explorers track the progress of a young polar bear mom. Norway. Dir. Raymond Friesen

Water Stories
A journey of nature through water & the senses. Spanish. Dir Paco Ortiz & Jose Carlos de Isla

Rattled: Conserving Rattlesnakes in Appalachia
The Timber rattlesnakes vital importance to the Appalachian region. USA Dir. Ryan N. Olsen

Steppe Pumas
Human animal conflict in Patagonia. S. America. Dir. Mariano Fernández

An increase in shipping is threatening our ocean, its inhabitants and our planet. Dir: P Hamilton

Who Speaks For The Butterflies
Peter Owens-Jones explores a sunny-based woodland management initiative.U.K Dir: Anny Tubbs

Faces of the Cloud Forest
Growing conflict puts a population of Mountain Gorillas at risk in Uganda. Dir: Hugh Allen

Elephants Out Of Captivity
NGO ‘F.A.C.E’ fight to give captive elephants a better life in a sanctuary. USA Dir: Isaac Pingree

Father Nature Teaser
A family’s blessing to work, live in one of the most beautiful river corridors anywhere in the world



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